Help make New Mexico public lands trap-free

Roxy’s Law is now in the New Mexico state legislature as the Wildlife Conservation and Public Safety Act, SB32.

Write a letter to the editor

WildEarth Guardians and our partners at the TrapFree New Mexico coalition are working to end the cruelty of trapping on public lands in New Mexico. One important action you can take right now to help make trap-free public lands a reality is to write a letter to the editor.

We’ve made the process simple. Below you’ll find some talking points, as well as the names and links of newspapers across the state of New Mexico. For additional background information on this issue, visit our webpage about ending trapping in New Mexico and check out the new report released in January 2021, which makes an in-depth case for banning traps on public lands. If you need additional assistance, please email Chris Smith, southern Rockies wildlife advocate for WildEarth Guardians.

Talking points:

  • Trapping is cruel: trapped animals endure stress, dehydration, starvation, broken bones, dislocations, predation, and even self-amputation.
  • Trapping is indiscriminate: unlike hunting, traps maim and kill non-target animals. Endangered species and companion animals are often caught in traps.
  • Trapping is a public safety hazard: every year, companion and working dogs are caught in traps. This year, some have been trapped that resulted in amputation and, in two cases, death. Traps are a danger to people too.
  • Trapping is a drain on wildlife: for only $20, a trapper can kill as many furbearers as he wants and is not liable for the bycatch.
  • Trapping denudes our public landscapes of native species – in many cases, key ecosystem engineers – for private profit. Pelts mostly end up in Eastern Europe and Asia. Trappers pay no gross receipts tax.
  • New Mexico lawmakers should pass Roxy’s Law, which would ban private, commercial traps across New Mexico public lands, making them safer for people, pets, and wildlife.

Send your letter to the editor to one, or all, of these
New Mexico newspapers:

One thought on “Help make New Mexico public lands trap-free”

  1. Years ago, I rescued a beautiful coyote from a Steel Trap. Fortunately, he survived, but was in the process of sawing off his foot on the barbed wire fence he was caught on with the cruel device. This coyote was one of the few lucky ones. As he limped off toward the Rio Grande, he turned and looked at me, as if to say “I thank you for saving me.” He knew I had helped him.

    This experience changed my life. I vowed to do whatever I could to stop the use of this horrendously despicable, medieval, torturous device.

    The Trapping Industry is small, but it is supported by the Heavily-Subsidized Livestock Industry, which still operates in the Dark Ages. Traps are everywhere on our public lands–to appease an industry which is on its way out, as Climate Change worsens.

    Our Governor realizes that Tourism is crucial to the NM economy, not trapping or ranching. Visitors want to see Live Wild Animals. The American Serengeti can return–look at Yellowstone!

    Let’s move into the 21st Century. Ban All Trapping on Public Lands. Let our precious Wild Lives live in peace.

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