Never Leave a Steel Trap If You Find One

Most people are sickened by the existence of the barbaric Steel Trap, which causes untold, horrific suffering to animals, both wild and domestic.
Unfortunately, many kind people who find a trap that is “set”(jaws open), often with bait, but luckily no animal in it-just walk on.
If you come across an empty trap, DO NOT LEAVE IT. MAKE SURE YOU SET THE TRAP OFF BY USING A STURDY WALKING DEVICE, OR ANYTHING HEAVY THAT YOU CAN DROP DIRECTLY ON THE ROUNDED METAL “Bait Plate” BELOW THE OPEN JAWS. Never put your fingers or hands in the trap. Once the trap jaws are open, pick the trap up with your hiking pole or stick (must be sturdy) & TAKE IT. Do not put it close to your body–some people carry a STRONG Canvas Bag along, which can often hold more than one trap! The more traps that are “adopted” by caring people, the better–thousands of innocent animals will thank you.

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